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7 gennaio 2012

International Tibet Network

6 January 2011

Dear Friends,

Happy New Year! I am writing to thank you for your response to our recent appeals to support our work. We are amazed at the great response, raising over $4,000 in just a matter of days. Your generosity is greatly appreciated, and will enable us to do even more for Tibet.

Sadly today we received a sharp reminder of why we still have much to do to raise the issue of Tibet as high as we can. A few hours ago, reports emerged that at least one and possibly two Tibetans self-immolated in eastern Tibet today.

With this news, I pledge wholeheartedly that, with your support, the Network's small but dedicated team will spare no effort to ensure that the international community takes action to help bring an end to this cycle of tragedy.

If you haven't already donated and wish to do so please visit our website on

With Best wishes for 2012.

Alison Reynolds,
Executive Director, International Tibet Network Secretariat

International Tibet Network is a global coalition of 180 Tibet groups dedicated to campaigning non-violently to restore the rights Tibetans lost when China occupied Tibet sixty years ago. 

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